Tissue culture

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Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 00:32:18 PDT

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Subject: Tissue culture


Tissue culture is done with meristematic tissue. Meristem is found in
the growing point of a plant, in cambium, in lateral buds, and , as in
the case of Dionaea, in parts of plants capable of advanticious growth.
To dissect out, and sterilize meristem forget cambium in any plant
smaller than a tree!

Hi, fellow CP'ers I've just began TC with carnivorous plants. I
    would like to know which parts of the plant (CP) am I suppose to
    use for Tissue Culture. For instance, I know that for dionaea,
    I have to use the white part of the leaf. I need to know this
    info about ALL carnivorous plants except dionaea. If you can
    supply me with this info, thanx in advance. Please post it on
    the Digest or E-mail me.

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