Re: Thrips on Sarracenia ! Get real and play nice

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Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 13:28:39 PDT

Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 16:28:39 -0400
From: "Michael Hunt" <>
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Subject: Re: Thrips on Sarracenia !  Get real and play nice

I'm certainly not thrilled about using pesticides, and may try other
solutions before using them. But most don't ever eliminate the pest problem
as well as pesticides. At the risk of losing expensive hard to get species I
will not hesitate to use them in the safest manner known currently. Just
like I won't hesitate to use "chemical's" in medicine to recover from a
illness or maintain better health.
I think you are being rather harsh with your statements. Sylvia just look at
what chemical use is doing in tissue culture. I would hope you will not
purchase any such plants !! They may harm you years down the road.
But one thing is certain, without pesticide use the population of the planet
would be much less. There simply would be no way to produce enough food for
the billions on the planet.

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> . We are addicted to quick fixes and the nonsense of
> the fifties "better living through chemistry". There is ever increasing
> evidence that pesticides are very harmful to all living things. They are
> linked to lymphomas and much more. I have long been puzzled that this
> list is so protective of cp's in the wild but often seems out of touch
> with a larger picture.
> Sylvia De Rooy

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