Re: Nepenthes and CITES

Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 09:38:53 PDT

Date:          Tue, 3 Aug 1999 09:38:53 
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Subject:       Re: Nepenthes and CITES

Dear Ch'ien,

> I have just received news that a number of Nepenthes species (N.
> bicalcarata, veitchii, lowii, others) are in the process of being moved
> over to CITES Appendix 1 (most species have previously been listed on
> Appendix 2). Does anyone have any information regarding this change, or
> know when it will take effect?

I do of course not know all ideas that might circulate with respect
to CITES but as far as I am involved (IUCN-SSC, CPSG), the current
proposals tend to de-list several taxa rather than to increase their
Appendix status. However, nothing has been decided yet (as far as I
am informed by B. von Arx, CPSG chairman).

The species you mentioned are either available in large amounts from
tissue culture or they are growing in protected areas (or both). For
these kinds of plants CI*T*ES is not considered (by some, at least)
a required means of protection, because *t*rade does not appear to
constitute a threat to them.

Kind regards

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