Re: Red VFT and seed

Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 19:58:56 PDT

Date:          Mon, 2 Aug 1999 19:58:56 
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Subject:       Re: Red VFT and seed

Dear Nigel & al.,

> As the ICPS is the registrar for CP cultivars I'm sure someone like
> Dr Schlauer will be able to tell you on a cultivar-by-cultivar
> basis (if it isn't already on the CP Database) but I believe all
> existing named red cultivars of VFTs require vegitative
> propagation.

This is correct for _Dionaea_ ' Akai Ryu '.

No preferred method of propagation is given for ' Royal Red '.
The description (that became available through Richard Davion
recently; many thanks, BTW!) states about the origin: "Arose from a
chance seedling, which was self pollinated and reproduced through
further self pollinations and tissue culture of the progeny". With so
much self-pollination in the breeding process, the plant can be
assumed to be rather pure (& poor) genetically, and selfing is
possibly a suitable method of propagation.

> From my
> own experience, seeds of 3 self-pollinated named cultivars of red
> VFTs have all come up looking too similar to their parents for me
> to discern any differences.

I am not sure about one red VFT cultivar that will be published
soon (in CPN). This one at least is likely to lose its rather complex
combination of characters through selfing.

Kind regards

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