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Subject: Re: Transplanting flytraps

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<< Hi,
 short question from a long-time-lurker:
 Currently I got about 25 VFT seedlings in a 10 cm pot. Each with about 3
 leaves. The plants are about 0.3 cm in diameter. They grow in pure peat.
 When is the right time to separate them? They seem awfully small to me,
 but I don't think, autumn is a good time for repotting. I don't have
 artificial growing lights ...
 All hints concerning my seedlings are welcome!
 Ah, and BTW: I don't cut off flower stems from my VFTs and they seem to
 stand it very well: My 5-6 plants, planted in 2 pots with pure peat
 produce about 10 flower stems each year. However, last year was the
 first time I pollinated them and let them produce seeds. And that brings
 me back to above question. :-)
 Dr. Walter Hafner Tel: 089/289-28187
 WWW-Beauftragter, TU Muenchen Email:

Dear Dr. Hafner,

     I think it would make better sense to transplant them in the spring,
since they do not seem overly crowed as stated. Your growing season in
Munich is short and winters rather severe and transplanting them could shock
the plants when they should be preparing for their rest period. Here in
Florida they have a very long growing season and little dormancy. For me
seed grown plants have been better than say, mail ordered ones, as the seed
grown Dionaea seem more adaptable to local conditions. You may find this to
be the case also. Since they are still small, it would be a good idea to
protect them from extremes of weather until a little larger.


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