Heliamphora nutans' flower scapes

From: Nathan J. Clemens (sundew@mitmania.net.au)
Date: Sat Jul 24 1999 - 16:05:01 PDT

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 09:05:01 +1000
From: "Nathan J. Clemens" <sundew@mitmania.net.au>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
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Subject: Heliamphora nutans' flower scapes

Dear all
I have a Heliamphora nutans that I acquired in 1996 from the then called
Dingley Home & Garden, Victoria. I was a TC specimen, taking 2 years to
get the first mature pitchers. Within 6 months of this finally happening,
it threw a flower scape of normal appearance. I attempted to hand
pollinate the 5 flowers, but without fail. Soon, about 2 or 3 months
later, another scape appeared, but this time a miniature pitcher formed as
the scape grew, about 3 - 5 cm above the base. It persisted until the
flowers finished, again without seed set, & then slowly died off with the
scapes as it aged. This has also happened with the first flower scape of
my H.minor X H. heterodoxa, obtained from Phil Mann of Southern Carnivores,
Western Australia.

I thought I would add my personal experiences on this topic. I also agree
that once the first adult pitcher finally appears, these plants do take
off. My H. nutans is really doing well, with plenty of growth, even some
coming through our Winter months. The hybrid is very prolific, constantly
dividing, & my H. heterodoxa is really blasting along after the emergence
of the first adult pitcher in November 1998.

great growing to all!


Nathan J. Clemens
NSW, Australia


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