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Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 02:26:17 PDT

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:26:17 +0200
From: Laurent Legendre <>
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Subject: french speaking CP meeting


I'm pound to announce that the next CP meeting in french language will
be held in Reims (North eastern France, at ca 100 km from Paris and the
Belgium border) on October 2 (saterday). The city can easily be
accessed by car (four highway crossing each other downtown) or train.
Even though such meetings have, until now, only been meant to host the
french CP society meeting, we do wish to open it to all french speakers
this year. People from Belgium, Swiss or Canada are thus most welcomed
as well as other french speakers.

This year's meeting will host a small CP exhibit with many posters and
pictures (some microscope pictures will be included and you can already
have a look at them by looking at our local web site or the national web site of
Dionee ).

Several intersting conferences will be included:
    Nepenthes of South east Asia (O. Marthaler)
    Carnivorous plants of New Caledonia (L. Legendre)
    Temperate Pinguicula (Y. Steiger)
    In vitro cultivation of carnivorous plants (J. Boulay)
    Aldrovanda (C. Breckpot)

Then I'll try to carry, in front of every one, some simple experiements
which give light on some of the many aspects of Dionaea trap closure.
I've designed all of these experiemnts so that every one can carry them
back home in his kitchen. It should be a fun adventure: a live CP
science show!

The meeting will be held at our University (web site: ).

Additional information (including complete schedule) can be found at the
french society web site: . In late
august, I'll post hotel listings and access maps. Fell free to contact
me and ask questions ( ).

I hope to see as many of you at this meeting before "the big one" in San

Kind regards,

Laurent Legendre

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