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Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 00:05:44 PDT

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Subject: Darlingtonia

The styrofoam container works great... I've been successful for
the last three summers here in Missouri, which is far hotter than the
U.K. I cut a hole in the lid of the box which fits the pot in it
snugly, so that the plants are at the level of the top of the box,
but the roots are down in the box. The pot sits high enough in the
box that an inch or two of water accumulates below, but the pot does
not sit in the water. The water stays quite cool most of the time
with no help from me, but I did add ice last night, after four days
of 96 degree weather (and only going down to 80 at night), and four
more days of the same predicted.

I also use live sphagnum as a soil dressing for the plants... I think
that helps a lot in keeping them insulated and cool.

Good luck!

> The one plant I have systematically failed to grow over the years is
> Darlingtonia. It is now 10 years or so since I dispatched my last
> victim, so I have the urge to try again. (Who knows, I may be a
> better grower now??).
> Does anyone, preferably in the UK, have a small plant they would
> be prepared to offer up as a victim, sale or trade? And any growing
> hints? I have a wild scheme to find a polystyrene container which
> will fit the pot snugly and prevent the roots from overheating - see,
> I'm getting desperate!
Susan Farrington
Missouri Botanical Garden
P.O. Box 299
St. Louis MO 63166-0299

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