Metal Halide Lighting

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Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 21:23:03 PDT

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 00:23:03 -0400
From: Joby Evans <>
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Subject: Metal Halide Lighting

> . . . The change is pretty much for the good.....I'll
find out in a few months
> I
> guess. If it's too bright, I guess I can buy a 175
watt bulb...but then the
> effectiveness is less . . .
> Joe Harden

The MH lighting wattages cannot be reduced without a
ballast change. The ballast
is rated to match the lamp, both in wattage and in lamp
type (M57 for
instance). I have been running a 400W lamp over two
aquariums full of neps for
about 10 or so years. Heat can be a problem if your
plants are highland. If
you do not like the color of the lamp, go to the local
saltwater fish store and
look into other colors, rated in degrees kelvin. (I
keep a reef tank also). They can get expensive, $75
to $150 per lamp. But if Hemp man is selling them to
grow . . . er . . .
tomatoes in the basement, the color is probably ok.
Good Luck
Joby - Atlanta

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