Re: germinating pitchers and feeding

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Date: Sat Jul 17 1999 - 01:59:21 PDT

Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 09:59:21 +0100
From: Phil Wilson <>
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Subject: Re: germinating pitchers and feeding

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>Hi, Just a quick question. For those of you who have raised Sarracinia
>from seeds, what do you feed the first several pitchers on the plants.
>Do you use a fertilizer spray on them? I'm wondering because I have
>several S. leucophylla, (Thanks for the seeds Chris) that have grown
>thier first and second pitchers and would like to ensure good growth.
>Thanks in advance, Ed Kowalski

I don't normally bother to feed them anything. I've never actually
dissected a pitcher to find if they ever catch anything - might try now
though. If you want to foliar feed use 1/4 strength miracid or similar
every two weeks.
Phil Wilson
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