Venus flytraps

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Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 00:42:55 PDT

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Subject: Venus flytraps

Keep in mind that it is normal for some leaves to die on any given
plant (no leaf can live forever), and that when leaves on VFTs die,
they always turn black. Therefore black leaves are not a concern IF
the plant is otherwise healthy and producing plenty of nice new green
leaves. If not, make sure your plant is getting lots of sunshine (no
shade cloth, preferably), and that it is staying quite moist, but not
soggy. They do not like to go bone dry ever, but they resent sitting
in a tray of water all the time, and will rot to death. I tend not
to use the tray method for my VFTs except when it is excessively hot
and the trays will dry out in a day or two. (I let the trays dry,
then water again). When it's not that hot, I just leave them out of
trays and water them well daily.
Good luck!

> My humble respects to you all, specialists of C.P.'s, As a starter
> in CP growing (or better, keeping alive) I would like to have your
> advise on the following : what is wrong with one of my Venus
> flytraps ? the traps are turning black one after another while
> other CP's are doing fine. My CP's are kept in (Belgium) a
> greenhouse (humidity +70 %). Also, could anyone tell me where I can
> find perlite here in Belgium ? Tx beforehand, Renee
Susan Farrington
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