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From: Rick Walker (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 17:24:59 PDT

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 17:24:59 -0700
From: Rick Walker <>
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Subject: Re:  Membership prob (CPN)

Hello Paul,

> Hi - anyone there from CPN who can reply privately via my email address
> above?

Since you asked in public, I'll reply in public.

> I actually surprised myself (and everyone) by paying my subs both for
> this year and next, and well before the second half of this year!!!
> However, there's no sign of my journal and I actually saw the latest
> issue while visiting the USA in June.

For unbroken service, you really need to resub before the beginning of
the year. So you certainly missed the March mailing, and the June mailing

The membership database shows no record of your check arriving. If you
sent it in early June, then it probably is in the still unopened packet
of mail that just arrived at my house. There is approximately a 6 week
delay before mail makes it from your house to our Fullerton drop box and
then on to my house.

> Any confirmation my Amex Travellers Cheques arrived and that my subs
> (1999-2000 inclusive) are paid up - and if so, when can I expect latest
> journal?

You will receive a postcard confirming receipt within a week or so after
your mail arrives to the membership coordinator. This is a new policy
to give everyone more rapid feedback about their orders.

Your back orders will be submitted to Tom Johnson for hand mailing.
This is a manual process that can take another month beyond receipt of
your payment. This is why I strongly recommend that everyone renew well
before the published end of the year deadline for un-interrupted

Best regards,

Rick Walker 

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