Lighting & police auctions...

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Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 04:10:49 PDT

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Subject: Lighting & police auctions...

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> On the topic of lights, people may be able to find excellent deals
> on metal halide lighting systems at police auctions. They confiscate the
> lights from the marijuana growers and then auction them off for cheap
> cheap cheap prices. Of course, I'm in a city well known for all the
> potheads (I heard we were featured on Hard Copy as the new Sin City, this
> had me rolling!), so there's lots of excess lights confiscated by the
> police. Just a helpful tip.
> Happy growing, legally speaking!
> Chris

Mmm. You might want to be careful, though: I've heard some interesting
rumours about the police confiscating indoor growing equipment from
marijuana growers, selling it off at a police auction, then making sure they
have the address of the buyer. Six months later, a little visit to check
that the buyer isn't using the gear for the original purpose - and if they
are, bust the buyer, confiscate the gear, start again.

All just rumour, of course. But as long as you're not growing anything
(blatantly) illegal, you can indeed pick up some bargains at police

Good growing;


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