N. ampullaria dumplings - yum!

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Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 10:45:38 PDT

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Subject: N. ampullaria dumplings - yum!

Hi folks,

Andrew Marshall's recent recipes for feeding Nepenthes deserves some
comment, if only to redress the balance in favour of the insects!

This is a genuine cookery recipe from the Jan/Feb issue of Borneo Magazine
that may be of interest to all Nepenthophiles who may be wondering what to
do with their excess of Nepenthes ampullaria pitchers (fist sized or
larger!) :

a) Take 2 dozen fist sized pitchers (N. Ampullaria). Wash and carefully
scrub their insides then soak them in several changes of water, preferably
overnight. Soak 1kg of glutinous rice overnight.
b) Trim tails off of the pitchers
c) Put to boil the rice with coconut milk (first and second squeezing) and
d) Wash 2 cupfuls of fresh prawn, cut up small. Finely slice half a cup of
red onions. Pound a knob of shrimp paste (belachan) with 4 or 5 chillies
(to make sambal), and small bundle of spring onions and a small bundle of
celery leaves. Combine the pounded ingredients with the prawn. Fry this
mixture in a small amount of oil until fragrant.
e) When the rise is half cooked, remove pan from fire. Cool the water
slightly. Half fill the pitchers with rice, add one tablespoon of the fried
sambal mixture. Fill up the pitcher with rice.
f) Stand the pitchers in the steamer, cover, steam over boiling water for
half an hour. Serve hot from the steamer, or cold later on. Pitchers may be
reheated by steaming them.

So there you are - anyone for ampullaria dumplings tonight!
Best regards,

Rob Cantley
Borneo Exotics


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