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From: Sundew Sundew (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 04:59:45 PDT

Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:59:45 PDT
From: Sundew Sundew <>
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Subject: re: Field Trip (Sundew collection)

Hi Paul, Fernando and everyone else.

Thanks for the kind words, Paul! I'm glad you liked my Drosera collection!
Have to correct you though - I did in fact have both forms of D.spatulata
and forms of D.capillaris. Fernando's right about my "D.sp.Brazil like/=
capillaris" which Paul definitely got a good view of (top shelf, right-most
aquarium, front left corner. Pot of small rosetted red Drosera with far too
many plants in it, thanks to frequent self-seeding.) No doubt he was
distracted by the D.paradoxa in the same area! Also in the same aquarium,
in my pot of overflowing Genlisea violacea 'giant' were 2 seedlings of
Fernando's D.capillaris Brazil which still looks significantly different
from the plant I called "D.sp.Brazil like capillaris" for many years. :)
And, on the bottom shelf, right hand corner, in my seedling tank, were
numerous seedlings of several forms of D.spatulata (though they were too
small to tell apart from any of the others!).

>Returning to NY NY I then got the chance to meet someone you know by
>email as Sundew Sundew, or Matt. Now, lovers of Sundews (clearly >Matt
>being one) will know that I am rarely complimentary about them! But
>Matt has a collection and we've been email pals for ages so I >welcomed a
>chance to meet him. And so I saw my first ever Sundew collection. >Not
>a CP collection (there were a few other plants but Matt specialises),
>really just Sundews. All next to each other (where they could be
>compared) and beautifully cared for. And, because I know Fernanado
>isn't reading this, I can FOR THIS ONE TIME ONLY admit that they were
>gorgeous and I loved them. Yes, even the small rostted thingies >which
>now looked different from one another. It helped that, if memory >serves
>me, not a single plant was a D. spatulata nor a D. capillaris! It
>helped more to see some beautiful Australian and Brazilian plants.
>I now find myself embarrased by the fact that I actually returned >home
>and created space for Droseras by crowding my Pings together. How
>embarassing - although a lttle less so because I know I can trust you
>all not to tell Fernando!

It was a real pleasure having Paul (and lets not forget Richard!) over as
well. Guess I'll have to ditch some of my non-Drosera for some more Mexican
Pings!!! ;)

Good growing,

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