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From: Paul Temple (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 13:12:18 PDT

Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 20:12:18 +0000
From: Paul Temple <>
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Subject: Re: Re: Field trip

>It is a legacy left to us by the British who colonized the region a
while back.
>We left the name in place to avoid adding to the confusion they had
>and sent them home some time back in the 1700's.

Aha! But Kevin, you obviously never realised that in our conquest of
the world (well almost all of it) we anticipated set backs and therefore
sowed the seeds for further confusion. :-}

As you know, we returned home (we'll never admit to being sent back!)
for tea. :-}


Paul (with apologies to those who get steamed up about off-subject

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