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>Canadian Peat is harvested in an environmentally friendly way - the
>surface is removed and only the top few feet are harvested;
>before the top layer is reemplanted upon the newly-cut surface.
>This makes it to a degree a "Non-Reducing" peat and as such,
>better for CPs in

There are studies and experiments going on in New brunswick, Canada,
attempting to restore these "environmentally friendly" harvested peat bogs.
So for the results are hopeful ... over, perhaps a century or so.

These bogs are drained and routinely topped by huge machines on a daily
basis. If you consider the "top few feet" as two or three stories of
hundreds of feet, you may be correct. These harvested bogs are commercial
projects that have been going on for decades. Some _few_ bogs have been
"re-emplanted", ie: re-flooded, after they became commercially
unproductive, under the monitoring of the University of New Brunswick

Peat bogs grow by inches over centuries.

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