Precipitation - Water From Above; Manna From Heaven

Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 06:56:08 PDT

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 23:26:08 +0930
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Subject: Precipitation - Water From Above; Manna From Heaven

Dear Tierney et al

In 1996 I set up an over head watering system under the fernery at
the back of our place.

I set up a trolley-bench in the sunniest spot and proceeded to try
out the usual gamet of common CPs.

VFTs did fine, and so did the Drosera except that the regular
watering regime certainly made them look a bit bedraggled. One
unexpected result was however with Sarracenia. They seemed to be
trying to put out leaves but would stop - these stunted leaves
would then separate and another attempt at growth would occur and
so on untill at the end of the season all the growth points looked
a bit like the top of a Pineapple!

Last year I set up a baffle system in my small Kentia house and had
the misting system misting hanging sheets of Cotton bed-linen
(double-ply, two layers) so that no actual water droplets would
fall onto the benches. All the other plants did fine except for
the Sarracenias which sat there for the whole season in a state of
dormancy!? After six weeks I noticed salt build-up on the
plastic-skin of the door and have been wondering whether Sarracenia
take up a lot of salts through their stomata - ie a kind of
'subliminal Ha, Ha' foliar-feed?

Anyway trust the above provokes a thought or two.

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