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From: Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 12:54:26 PDT

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This often happens when you forget to edit your Subject: line and it still contains the word "Digest". Such messages are now automatically rejected by the listserver. Please edit your message headers and resubmit your posting to the listserver. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I second or third the comment about being wary of any absolute statements... it should be obvious to all who have read more than one book or article about cp's that there is tremendous difference of opinion in how to cultivate them. Use common sense, and try what you think will work best!

As to VFT's, I've always watered from above, though I'm sure watering from below works fine also. I've found that they don't mind sitting in water for short periods, but I like to let the trays dry out at least every couple of days: if they stay sitting in water constantly, I find that they rot. When it's not that hot, I don't use a tray at all, and just water them well daily. When it's too hot to keep up with watering that way, I sit them in trays, but let the trays evaporate before refilling. The best plants I've seen have been grown in larger pots... they are especially nice grouped in a plastic windowbox. Look for one with rubber drainage plugs, and use the plugs when it's hot and dry, and remove the plugs when it's overly wet.

> an observation I wanted to share in response to Thomas's remark about > "absolute" statements for VFTs... I have always heard that you *must* water > from the bottom, but I have a whole group of VFTs in an undrained, shallow > container. They are potted in milled peat/sand (about 1:1) with live > Susan Farrington Missouri Botanical Garden P.O. Box 299 St. Louis MO 63166-0299 susan.farrington@mobot.org (314)577-9402

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