Ping propagation

From: John Green (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 09:38:44 PDT

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:38:44 -0600
From: "John Green" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2362$foo@default>
Subject: Ping propagation

I have a small ping that is labelled P. cv. Sethos x gypsicola. It just
started producing longer narrow leaves that are rounded on the ends and
is about 1" across, and mostly seems to act like a P. gypsicola. I have
no idea what species the "Sethos" is from. My question is what is the
best way to multiply this plant? Can I take leaf cuttings or should I
wait for flower production? And how big should it be before I take leaf
cuttings? I also have P. hirtiflora from Albania that I would like to
propagate. The plants are very small, under 1" across, and have only a
few leaves at any one time, but otherwise seem to be growing well. I'm
new to pings so any information on either of these plants would be

John Green
Salt Lake City, Utah

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