gemmae evolution (was Re: D. pulchella growth?)

From: Christer Berglund (
Date: Sun Jun 27 1999 - 06:54:14 PDT

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 15:54:14 +0200
From: Christer Berglund <>
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Subject: gemmae evolution (was Re: D. pulchella growth?)

Hi Chris,

and thanks for replying.

> Never tried it from seed. Gemmae germinates from about 2 days to
> 2 weeks for me.

It took approx. 4 months for my pulchella to germinate. I doubt that I
have ideal growing conditions, but seed seem to be a lot slower.

> Gemmae are much faster at growing.

Makes sense. The larger gemmae must have much more energy in store, and
is produced and germinating in the same season. Thanks for the

This leads me to my next question:

Has any research been done why pygmy sundews has developed an additional
way (gemmae) to reproduce. Is there fewer pollinating insects in their
natural habitat? Are the pygmy sundew colonies far and few between?
Theories/facts, anyone?


Christer Berglund

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