But Doctor, I have the same problem with my cat. (2NU)

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Subject: But Doctor, I have the same problem with my cat. (2NU)

Dear All

If you're interested in Humus, its production via decomposition of
practically any organic substance then please feel free to look up
the works of the great Selman Waksman. He was a prolific writer /
collaborator so there should be works out there to please all but
the perpetually dissatisfied. Start with his tome on Humus which
includes a chapter on Peat and then return to your greenhouse after
your Autumn and Winter invigorated with the germ of

My experience of DOCtors (Dissolved Organic Carbon) has been with
Pea Straw and Smoked Water. Pea Straw is Only $4-6 Dollars (Aust.)
a bale here so if a peat substitute could be manufactured from this
starting product then the result could possibly be 1/10th the
price of Peat and maybe even have all its good properties and none
of its disadvantages. These are initially released with the first
washing leaving all but a cellulose/hemicellulose framework and are
moderately stable ie can be filtered off and store for a few

If these DOCs are leached from the pea straw then decomposition is
as for standard cellulosic materials. However if retained with the
particulate matter of the pea straw then composition is faster
alternate forming a somewhat peaty product. I believe that I have
enough knowledge at this time to be able to alter the general
pathway of decomposition such that it will be deverted to a more
Peat-like end product.

I have found that pots of decomposing "milled" Pea Straw attract
"Springtails"(Collembola) which in the wild are a general source of
prey for many CPs (1/2 in the case of VFTs).
You may wish to use Pea Straw as a bedding material in your
greenhouse to form an aesthetic spongy walkway and also an
attractive recreational area for future CP prey.

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