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Subject: U.reniformis

Dear Tommy,

I will attempt to answer your questions on U.reniformis. The leaves
of the plant give rise to the plants name (reniform = kidney
shaped), and these are held in a horizontal plain on top of stalks
which arise vertically from the substrate.( Thus like kidney shaped
umbrellas). It is hard to give you a precise indication as to the
size of the plant as this species is quite variable in size. In the
UK there appear to be two quite different clones in circulation, a
large clone with leaves up to 14cms across and flower stalks up to
1meter high, and a smaller clone (previous circulated as
U.nephrophylla) with leaves up to 6cms across. No matter which
clone you have it is a beautiful plant when in flower and the leaves
are\377 20unusual enough to be worth growing. I have not tried to
propagate this species from sections of stolon which are substantial
enough to confused with tubers if only partially uncovered - I have
found this species to be not very tolerant of major disturbance.
This species is however relativel y easy to grow from seed if it is
fresh -- simply scatter onto wet milled sphagnum and ensure the moss
doesn't out grow the small Utrics. Send me your mailing address if
you would like fresh seed.



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