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Date: Tue Jun 22 1999 - 12:41:37 PDT

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The plant you are correct about the mislabelling of S. x stevensii. The
plants originated from one of the major Dutch nurseries and has been
available for quite a time now. This is a pretty plant producing red
pitchers with S. leucophylla-like tops. It is certainly a hybrid of S.
leucophylla - the other parent is most likely to be one of the sub-
species of S. rubra although this is by no means definite and parentage
could well be more complicated.
>I thought I would tell you all of the exiting time I had last week at the
>local Garden Centre. As an ardent conservationist when it comes to
>rescuing poor defenseless CP's from those heartless plant prisons we call
>garden centres, I was pleased to find a new batch of CP's on the check out
>counter. On closer inspection I noticed some rather familliar but annoying
>S. Leucophylla was labelled as S. Stevensii, which I believe is an unused
>synonym for S. Catesbaei! Also, there were two D. Adelae's labelled as D.
>Best of all though, was the "N. Hybride" as it was lablled, it looked on the
>picture like N. Coccinea, It makes a huge difference if it's a highland or
>lowland hybrid, that's presuming the picture is acurate.
>The best thing though? well, that was the price, 3 pounds 50 pence each! for
>a Nep! you can't go wrong at that price! (well, I can if I end up killing
>them all, too hot? too cold? what to do!).
> Neil,
>Northumberland, England.

Phil Wilson
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