sarracenia germination

Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 12:54:10 PDT

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:54:10 EDT
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Subject: sarracenia germination

>I can't get my seeds to germinate. They are from a reputable source
(UK CPS). I put them in water and froze them for a few days, as suggested.
Now, they are in a peat/sand mix in a warm place. It's been about four
weeks, but nothing doing.

How long should it take?
Might they need a second chill session?


Edwin Spector

My own humble experience of sarracenia germination is that they don't need a
chill, as long as the seed is fresh.
What I have found tho' is that the seed should be lightly covered with your
growing medium so that the seed is kept permanently damp.
If your seed is exposed on the surface of your medium then dust some peat
over them so that the seed is JUST covered.
As to your assertion that the seed has come from a reputable source......
Yes the UKCPS is a reputable organisation but I have to say that I have not
always,personally, been that impressed with their seed storage methods.
None of the seed is dated and unless things have changed, the seed is stored
in those little transparent envelopes, but is not hermetically(?) sealed,
thus exposing the seed to dessication.In saying the above, I still find that
the UKCPS seedbank is probably the best in the World for choice (apart from
Allen Lowrie).
I await the wrath of the UKCPS for the above comments <grin>..........
I store my own seeds in the same envelopes but place all of the envelopes in
a sealable container, in the fridge and the seed always remains
fresh,sometimes for up to 3 years.

Flames, discussion, plant trades etc to THIS LIST ONLY please <grin>

John Wilden

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