Glucose sirop(?)

Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 01:05:38 PDT

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 04:05:38 EDT
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Subject: Glucose sirop(?)

Chris and all

>hey all.
i was doing some shopping a while ago, and saw some glucose sirope.
i haven't benn growing cp's as long as most of you, maybe2-3 years, and i'm
not totally clever in plant science. i was wondering, if plants convert
glucose to starch, what would happen if you put glucose sirop in the water?


I'm not fully clued up on plant science myself, but I should imagine that it
would create mayhem to the plant, due to the increased osmotic potential and
would actually draw water away from the plants, thus killing them. Glucose in
the water would also provide a wonderful environment for bacteria,fungi etc.
If you need a more in depth explanation on osmosis then consult any GCSE
biology textbook,or ask your science teacher.
Better still experiment (on your spare spider plants!!!!.......only kidding)

John Wilden

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