Re: Snails and Utrics.

Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 20:18:46 PDT

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 23:18:46 EDT
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Subject: Re: Snails and Utrics.

<< From: Craig Gardner <>
 I have been told by by several Pet stores that apple snails will eat the
 algae but not plants I have not yet tried this but plan to with some aquatic

Dear Craig,

     I have an outdoor pond with various tropical water-lilies and several
other types of aquatic vegetation. To this I added a couple of Utrics, U.
gibba and one unidentified plant from a local ditch that had not flowered.
The latter fell apart, but U. gibba, ever the weed, spread over a large area
of the pond. The pond has at least two and possibly three aquatic snail
species that are common to all local (Florida) aquarium shops and likely came
in on the Cabomba sps. So far the U. gibba is fine, and when pulled from the
water the traps crackle and pop and they are nearly all black from prey
organisms. The pond also contains several fish species: guppies, mollies,
platys, flagfish, killies (Fundulus), and paradise fish. So far nothing has
bothered the Utric. I plan to re-introduce the other species, now that the
water has aged more.


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