Brazilian Drosera + other Photos Online!

From: Sundew Sundew (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 17:19:57 PDT

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 17:19:57 PDT
From: Sundew Sundew <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2200$foo@default>
Subject: Brazilian Drosera + other Photos Online!  

Hey gang,

I FINALLY got some photos of my plants back and decided to scan a few for my
web page. (ICPS Webring, here I come!). These shots were taken by a good
friend of mine several months ago. Please visit

for photos of the following Drosera grown by yours truly:

montana montana (Ibitipoca)
montana tomentosa 'very hairy' (Mucuge, Bahia)
scorpiodes 'white' P (yes, yes, I know its not Brazilian!)
sp.Brazil 'Chapada Diamantina'
sp.Brazil 'communis green giant'
sp.Venezuela 'D2' (Tuku Muruku, Gran Sabana)

Colors didn't come out the way they should have and plants are relatively
small but you can pretty much get the idea. Be sure to click on each
thumbnail for a full size image and details on each plant. Just remember to
get rid of that stupid Geocities window that will pop up on all the link
pages. Thought I figured out how to include their ad as a banner... ugh.

Good Growing!

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