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Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 01:56:05 PDT

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 10:56:05 +0200
From: "Fabio d'Alessi" <>
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Subject: Re: complaints

At 11.18 15/06/99 -0700, you wrote:
>hi all.
>first, to that bloke who complained about adds in the newsletter. if don't
>like the adds that show up in the digest, don't read them. if you get it in
>e-mail for, delete the e-mails with that title!
>i too have found that the trading post is not as effective for plants as
>this list, and i think anything can be discussed, or selled as long as it's
>cp related!
>also, please can people state the subject, as people who do have it in
>e-mail form don't know what the e-mail is all about, and it might be
>something thats not at all relevant!
>when i get e-mails with no subject, i delete them!

Dear chris,

I am sorry but I can't just delete this message (as I wish) and
fly over it. I have to *STRONGLY* disagree with you.

See, first you post this message on the list, and then you post this

> hi all.
> this is off the subject a little!
> i have some spider plants(chlorophytum) for sale. contact me for details.

I can't simply understand how can one behave this way.
Absolutely unbelievable. I have tons of plants here, dozens of Drosera
filiformis filiformis, a ton of capensis of several species, not to mention
bunches of sphagnum moss I am multiplying. Ever seen a sale-post from me here?
And the same works for the 90% of the people on this list.

Now, guess if everyone out of this list was going to send around stupid
messages saying "I sell this, I sell that". Thousand messages per day.
Not to mention sneaky ones who would make it better and write e-mail titles
such as "Sarracenias for free" and then in the message body "... if you get 20
other plants, at only 0.99$ each!!!!!!! Real BARGAIN!!!!!".

And I've seen it happen in many mailing lists and newsgroups, so I
*perfectly* know what I am talking about.

But wait, we're talking about plants? I also havea dozen small trees
of redwood, liliums, tulips, ferns which are particularly nice,
and whatsoever. With a small "sorry for the little off-topic" I, and
thousands like me, could sell "plants". Guess, messages from the
thousands selling orchids, or liliums, or begonias!

But hei, being *ALSO* a computer enthusiast I have also several
hardware on sale, a 4G one, another 2G one, a graphic board and so on.
But I like *ALSO* music, so why not mentioning one of my CDs which I
don't like anymore? There *could* be someone out there needing them...

Come on, chris, I have been on the net since more than 11 years ago and
every "old" user like me can notice the HORRIBLE tendence the net has
to become a huge, gigantic confused marketplace where everyone is trying
to make money in a fast and stupid way, such as flooding a discussion list
with advertising, selling chain letters to mailing-list recipients,
spamming and what other. What's wrong guys? The network *CAN* be used
like a huge shop, but in the *RIGHT*WAYS*. It's not fair to start
advertising everywhere. And in some cases it's dangerous, and it can
lead to a mailing list flooded with tons of advertising and making the
good growers, the real cp-people go away from it! It was like
if you were putting advices on the bibles just because a lot of people
is religious and buy them! All this people advertising everywhere
just because they think that that if nobody replies back complaining
then it can be done.

Well, *I* complain.

This is a CARNIVOROUS PLANT DISCUSSION LIST. It's you being an english
speaker, not me, I'm just a st*pid italian, but to me "DISCUSSION LIST" means
a place where you SPEAK about Sarracenias. Not where you sell spider plants.

If so, I could start selling my CDs, always asking "sorry for the little
off-topic". Right?

Want to make things right instead? Use the cp-trading post, or make your
own website and put a list of plants on sale there. Or ask the CP people
to create a cp_sale SALE mailing list, for example. Do things right.
WORK. DO SOMETHING and than try to make money with your WORK. Not with

I mean, you COULD also, silently, quietly, post messages in a very unfair
way (in my opinion) to this list, but then don't call "bloke" those who
complain, because they are right.

I have *nothing* against you, for sure, it's just that this is one of
the very few mailing lists (or newsgroup) I still read and I don't want
it to make the bad end of other information repositories I was using
in the past, which slowly became just places where to sell stuff, and where
the 95% of the messages where "REAL BARGAIN!" and the remaining 5%

This is a discussion mailing list, so talk and discuss. Don't sell.
If you want to sell, ask the cp people for a CP SELLING LIST.

Best regards,


Fabio d'Alessi <>
Section of Molecular Genetics -  
Department of Biology and Biotechnologies - 
University of Padua - Italy 

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