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Date: Tue Jun 15 1999 - 18:12:29 PDT

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From: "chris" <drosera@CAM.ORG>
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Subject: Terrarium collection

    Hello Jay,

    I have only been on this listserve for 1 1/2 months, but I think
    I've learned a lot and I will now attempt to advise you. I
    invite the more established members to comment on my
    explanation. BTW Jay, I have grown all these plants myself, so
    its not like I'm just reciting what I have read here.

    The exact plants you have are probably: VFT, Sarracenia
    Purpurea ssp Purpurea (pitcher plant), Drosera Adelae (sundew),
    and I don't know if it's been established here as to what
    species that butterwort is. If the terrarium you bought is that
    little 6" wide deal, the only plant that could live in there is
    the sundew, and even so, it may well get too tall for it.

    Both the VFT and the pitcher plant need pots of at least 6"
    each, bigger if at all possible. The pots should also have a
    minimum depth of 4", more would be better. I use milled peat
    moss and sand (1:1) for their soil mixture, but others have used
    vermiculite or perlite instead of the sand. I have one VFT
    growing in live peat moss, and it looks wonderful, but I'm
    assuming you don't have that at this time.

    I have never had any luck growing that butterwort. They would
    usually last 6 months for me, then die. The only advice I can
    give on them is that they seem to appreciate the cold. I grew
    one in a jar which I left right up against a freezing window
    during our Canadian winter, and in the Spring, it came back good
    and strong, then died about 2 months later. I can't say more
    than that about its needs, because different butterworts seem to
    have different needs regarding soil, dormancy, etc. Perhaps
    someone from the group would like to enlighten us?

    I suggest that you repot those plants as soon as possible. If
    I'm right, they were only planted in that container before they
    got shipped to your store, so they are probably still not
    adapted to it. Since they are in a state of "shock" now
    anyways, you might as replant them now so they don't have to
    readapt a second time later.

    The VFT and pitcher plant will need to go dormant for 3-5 months
    or else you may lose them in time. I grow all my plants right
    up against the window where they seem to get the light they need
    and the photoperiod they need as well. The plants should have
    16 hours of light in the summer, down to eight hours in the
    winter. As they go dormant, their new leaves will grow in
    shorter, and for the pitcher plant, somewhat deformed looking.
    The pitcher plant's winter leaves will be thin and won't open
    into those nice funnels. Let the soil be drier during their
    dormancy (but not completely dry either).

    The sundew does not need a dormancy, but will tolerate it. It
    is quite a hardy plant, and you will probably get many "little
    ones" from it. It will grow bigger leaves in less light, but
    smaller, redder leaves in stronger light.

    Hope this helps.

    What's my grade guys?

    Chris F.

    recently purchased a small terrarium containing lots of moss and
    four little carnivores: VFT, Pitcher, Sundew, and a Ping. They
    all seem to be doing fine, but I was wondering if I should place
    them in separate containers or something.


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