Re: CP2000 travel-FT preview I

Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 20:11:25 PDT

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 23:11:25 EDT
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Subject: Re: CP2000 travel-FT preview I


Just returned from one of the cp capitals of the West: NW CA & SW-OR.
Thought some of you might be interested in a preview of possible highlights
there if you are free to wander our wilderness areas next summer.

Key Words: Gasquet, Hiouchi, Wimer Road, $8 Mountain Rd., Smith River,
Illinois River, serpentine.

Probable cps: Darlingtonia californica, Drosera rotundifolia, Pinguicula
macroceras nortensis.

Possible cps north or south of this area: all other cps of W.-US including U.

Other species of note: serpentine endemics, several members of Liliaceae,

Also to be seen: emu, ostrich, pronghorn antelope, llama, various elk,
several avian species of both oceanic and continental origin to fatten up
those life lists.


Coleman, R. 1995. The Wild Orchids of California. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell.
U. Press.

Hitchcock, C.L. & A. Cronquist. 1973. Flora of the Pacific Northwest.
Seattle: U. of Washington Press.

Kruckeberg, A.R. 1984. California Serpentines: Flora, Vegetation, Geology,
Soils, and Management Problems. Berkeley/London: UC Press.

Rondeau, J.H. 1995. Carnivorous Plants of the West. Volume II: California,
Oregon, Washington. San Jose: 37 Sunnyslope Avenue.

Anbody interested in doing a grand-slam of NA cps in the summer of 2000;
probably only cost about 3 weeks and $30K!


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