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Liebe Alle

I don't think many of you out there in virtualand quite realize
just how serious I am about building my new greenhouse. So I have
decided to up the anti by offering the following for sale:

LOWRIE I Hardcover (proudly unsigned by the author)
KONDO I Hard Cover
KONDO II Soft Cover
TAYLOR Soft Cover
SHNELL Hard Cover (book in excellent condition though dust-cover
has frayed
into sections after 20 years!) &
SLACK I Soft Cover

Both Pete' Taylor's Monograph on Utricularia and the two Kondos
were signed by Katsuhiko Kondo during his visit to Adelaide, South
Australia in the early nineties.

I realize that some of you, outside the AsiaPacific Region, may not
have heard of, seen, or even understand the value of the Kondo I
being offered for sale; so as a willingness to educate I have taken
the liberty of composing a number of thumbnails of some of the
above and other paraphernalia I may be willing to part with.

These thumbnails entail composite images of the covers, spines
and selected photographs from the item in question, where
(being as a guide to "condition" thickness, size, weight, and
therefore postal

I am quite willing to split any or all of the above though postage
will become a problem since books are like water - they take up
volume and are HEAVY; unlike the written word ie pages are usually
4-8 grams a page depending on how much clay is sandwich into them!
>From my experience with posting countless books to my circle of
penfriends overseas I envisage that for 4-5 books the postage will
be in the ballpark of about $50-75 Australian Dollars if this helps
set a benchmark for any future bidding(s) you may wish to conduct.

This is probably a once in ten-twenty year (unique?) opportunity
for some of
you. I won't be initiating construction of my greenhouse until our
Spring (Sept.-Nov.) so this will give you some time to
save your pennies if need be, if this offer has hit you rather
suddenly, unexpectedly out of the blue so to speak, don't worry I'm
very fair; if you can guarantee a special price I'm quite willing
to hold on to an item for a few months while you rob peter to pay
Paul and scrape the cash together. If you want to log acceptance
of such an offer onto the discussion group for scrutiny that's
quite alright by me as well. I was born on George Washington's
Birthday (Actually he was born on mine.) do I have to say any more
than that?

Some of you may be wondering why I am taking such an
action. Well as Alexander once said "Sometimes you have risk all
to gain all" and in the spirit of 'The Black & Whites' I am eager
to explore more fully the full scope and breadth of my
QuarsiSerpentine theory that I have been
developing and tinkering with for a few years now. In order to
achieve my vision I have been lead to contemplate building a far
larger and somewhat special greenhouse. How special - well after
you read the outline you may contemplate my mental state let alone
my sanity; if indeed you don't already consider me nuts.

Anyone who makes a response will receive a series of thumbnails in
relation to their request, a pre'cis on the theory and an outline
as to the general construction and intent of the new greenhouse.
Although most replies will be drawn and formulated from a palette
of images and a bank of information I will try to personalize all
replies with a few paragraphs. As such I should be able to pallet
off 15-20 replies per day during the week and upto say fifty on the
weekend, so please bare with me. I will try to be objective,
though its only human nature that any obscene offers will probably
draw deeper consideration(skepticism?), a modicum of favouritism
and possibly priority.

I feel sure that many aspects of the theory will warrant further
expansion, clarification, modification (correction?) and maybe even
outright retraction! My aim is to prompt further work (passing the
reins onto others) into the major factors promoting growth and
colouration of CPs and possibly insight into the true reason
behind the Carnivorous Syndrome. After all the major societies
have been around for more than 25 years and yet there's still no
full understanding to the requirements of The Most Wonderful Plant
in The World; and capensis is still looked down upon as a weed!

If demand necessitates I shall make general replies to common
queries regarding QS via the daily Digests.

Well there you go, I've laid what I think are some interesting
cards on the table it's now up to you if you wish to see the full
hand / deck. If you're genuine you may even be able to snap up an
ace or two and at the same time work a degree of appreciation into
the bargain.

To all those who have already replied to the former posting sent
out three nights ago don't worry you have not been forgotten - I
shall be posting a smorgasbord out to you as well (even to the few
of you who just want to hear what a Lowrie I sells for nowadays? -
maybe at the end of it all a small tabulation of current prices to
the listserve would be appropriate?) unless of course you have
particular tastes already in mind then feel free to submit new

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