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--- part 2 ---

Hello people,

I know I may be off topic here but please pardon me if I am.

Does Nepenthes spp. consider a macrophytes since it grow very close
to water especially N. gracilis? I appreciate your feedback. ;-)
I will include this genus into my website if your answer is yes.

BTW, just updated many images (more than 103) to:
http://home1.pacific.net.sg/~chansy/macrophytes.htm which is a
freshwater macrophytes page. If you know the identification please
let me know. Your visit and help are very much appreciated.

Also, a new mailing list for discussing the wilder side of this
hobby like its natural habitat and propagation mostly of tropical
South East Asian in origin. To subscribe send an empty email to
macrophytes-subscribe@onelist.com OR simply click the ONELIST icon
at http://home1.pacific.net.sg/~chansy/macrophytes.htm

Hear from you all and best wishes, CHAN Sow-Yan in Singapore.

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