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Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 17:25:37 PDT

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 20:25:37 -0400
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Subject: Re: fluffy stuff

> Being new to SC I am also finding bugs on my Sarracenias that are new to
> Is there some kind of a leaf hopper or spittle bug that covers itself with
> fluff (not a mealy bug but the white stuff looks similar) and sits under
> fluff eating the plant leaves? At first I thought it was a wooly aphid
> when I rubbed the fluffy stuff a bug jumped away from the leaf at least a
> foot. Angie Nichols, SC

I have a bad infestation of these on my Sarracenia right now (in Durham,
North Carolina). I have always called them aphids and I believe they damage
the plant. They act like aphids in that they prefer to live on new growth on
my pitcher plants, VFT flower spikes and houseplants. I have been trying to
hand pick them but as you discovered you have to be quick to squish them and
I might need to resort to Safer's soap.

Hope this helps,
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