Pinguicula grandiflora f. chionopetra

From: Seos mac Cárthaigh (Seosamh.macCarthaigh@NUIGALWAY.IE)
Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 03:43:51 PDT

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 10:43:51 +0000 (GMT)
From: Seos mac Cárthaigh <Seosamh.macCarthaigh@NUIGALWAY.IE>
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Subject: Pinguicula grandiflora f. chionopetra


There is occasional interest in this Ping on the list. I live very
close to where it was discovered. Over the last past two
flowering periods I have searched the area high and low for it. And
while I have found several colonies of Ping. grandiflora all the
plants have been of the normal flower color.



>From the cp database:
Origin of depicted specimens: Ireland, Clare county, The Burren near
Ballyvaughan, 400 m, limestone, collected May 1956 by D.A. Webb. The
corolla lobes of the Irish and Pyreneen specimens are lesser
overlapping than those from the Jura. See also 5602 P. grandiflora.

Photo Info
     Name: [Pinguicula grandiflora and P. grandifl. f. chionopetra]
     Credit: Juerg Steiger, ( Date: May 30, 1956
Seos mac Carthaigh

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