Re: bug on Sarr?

From: chris moody (
Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 11:08:29 PDT

Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 11:08:29 PDT
From: chris moody <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2029$foo@default>
Subject: Re: bug on Sarr?

>I moved a S. purpurea outside maybe 6 weeks ago. It's happy and putting
>out lots of pitchers, but suddenly they are deformed. They are kind of
>small and curly (not in the normal wavy way), and the opening is damaged
>and much smaller than usual. I didn't find anything suggestive of
>insects, but today noticed a kind of thick cottony webbing inside the
>oldest of the deformed pitchers. Any ideas?
>Susan G. Wynn, DVM CVA
>Greater Atlanta Veterinary Medical Group
>Marietta, GA 30062
>Phone: 770.424.6303
>FAX: 770.426.4257

hi susan
this could be one of a lot of things, the two things i have come across
which this could be is a leafcurler, and scale bugs.

the leaf curler is by far more gross. it is a caterpillar of a moth that
chews up th leaves and then curls them up and form a shelter for it self
using sticky web stuff. the way to get rid of them/it is to get a torch and
shine it from the other side to see if there is a caterpiller there, or to
uncurl them and look, once you find one, use tweezers or a pin and pick it
up, and either squish it or feed it to a different plant!

mealy bugs are small bugs which do form a kind of fluff, to get rid of them
have a look for a insecticide which is NOT copper based, and is formulated
for mealy bugs and other such insects!


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