Re: Drosera corsica at the border between France and Belgiu

Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 08:31:28 PDT

Date:          Mon, 7 Jun 1999 08:31:28 
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Subject:       Re: Drosera corsica at the border between France and Belgiu

Dear Laurent,

> and CP lovers, we came accros a small station of what was expected to
> be D. rotundifolia. However, these plants were already in bloom (This
> was already a surprise as it is way too early in the season and they
> were the only ones as well as the ones living at the highest
> elevation)

June 2 is not too early for _D. rotundifolia_ at this elevation. You
will probably find more plants in flower later but the first ones
(probably growing in comparatively warm situations) should be in
flower now.

> and the flower stalks were displaying some carnivorous bracts
> (actually tiny leaves). The flower shoots were short too. To the
> best of my knowledge, all of these criteria are those of D. corsica,
> an endemic of the corsica island, roughly 1000km south with a small
> sea inbetween. Is the presence of carnivorous bracts an unstable
> character on D. rotundifolia?

Yes, and this is the reason why _D. corsica_ is usually considered a
taxonomically irrelevant variant, and not a segregate species (cf.
Flora Europaea etc.).

> Has it been observed
> in other D. rotundifolia populations (besides in Corsica off course)?

Yes, such plants are known throughout central Europe, and I guess
also from other parts of the immense range of _D. rotundifolia_.

> Do D. corsica and D. rotundifolia hybridize?

They are the same, they "hybridize", and their offspring is again the

> Does the D. corsica character exhibit a mendelian
> segragation?

It is not constantly expressed.

Kind regards

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