Re: Alternative Soil Mixes

Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 14:23:18 PDT

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 17:23:18 EDT
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Subject: Re: Alternative Soil Mixes

<< I know Peter D'Amato tried out coconut
fibre (was it called coir? can't remember) and had very poor results with
it. Basically, it turned to a slimy mess and would probably work only if
mixed with a lot of other ingredients (eg: in Nepenthes as an additive).>>

I remember reading this awhile ago and was at first alarmed since I use quite
a bit of coco pith fiber.

I've come to the conclusion that pith fiber is an excellent media used in
certain applications. I find the best results with it when it is used to pot
Sarracenia that are to be grown outside. I find I strongly prefer it to peat
based mixes since it drains better, and does seem to last longer that peat
based mixes. I've also had excellent results when used in combinations with
peat, sand and perlite in Nepenthes mixes with the pith fiber making up the
bulk of the mix. Here again, the main advantage I've found is it's rapid
draining qualities. I have only found it breaking down when it is used
waterlogged in greenhouse applications.

On the other side, however, it seems to be a terrible media for Flytraps and

Jeff Dallas
Portland, OR

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