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Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 13:31:29 PDT

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i guess this is something i should have done when i first signed up with the list with my old e-mail,(, but i guess better late than never.

i'm 15 and live in dorset in the south of england. i first grew a
dionea at 7, and killed it off, but this didn't dampen my enthusiasm,
and i went and bought a bought a new one, and i got it right and it grew
all year, and the next, and i still have it,although it is getting old
and straggly now.

 every since then i've been growing a few cp's, mainly vft's, sarracenia
 purpurea ssp's, sundews, nepenthes, utrics. i have had a go with some
 of the other types like ceph's, but that particular species didn't like
 the growing conditions i have.

 i have limited space, and so therefore grow some of my plants outdoors in summer, in a shed with an extra window, making a right angle of glass and a shelf behing the windows. it's hard to describe what we've done. we had two windows, and there was a shelf running along from one of them, we took out part of the wall at the back of the shelf and added another window, that's the best way to describe it all.
but i mostly grow my cp's in my bedroom along the windowsill.
most people say that thats the worst place to grow them. but i have had success with drosera and utrics grown in large, sankey unheated propagators, because of the lack of humidity.

every year my collection has grown, and new equipment has been added,
two years ago i had a water-butt fitted, to meet my water requirments.

now i am fighting a battle with my dad over greenhouses and coldframes!
due to the lack of space i am now specialy growing utrics and pygmy
sundews, as they're my faverourite plants.

if anyone has managed to read all the way through this without falling
asleep, i would like to ask for advice.

does anyone know of any cheap, small greenhouses or cold frames?

and also, IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE who selling utrics or gemmae or
pygmy sundews, as i am looking for any species available!

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