new to the group, intro. and question

From: Todd W. (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 02:37:15 PDT

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 02:37:15 PDT
From: "Todd W." <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1948$foo@default>
Subject: new to the group, intro. and question

hi, all my name's todd and i just got started collecting cp's and already
have a couple neps and some sundews, i've been looking for a couple of vft
variants lately especially one called a 'dingley giant' and some that a saw
a picture of with extremely large traps, unfortuneately i live in the US and
i haven't been able to find a place that i can get them from without
expensive papers and a big hassle, if anyone knows where i could get these
variants or is interested in trading please drop me a mail it would be
greatly appreciated and hopefully some others on the list would be
interested too
take it easy all

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