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Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 21:15:48 PDT

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Subject: CP Mousepads with ICPS URL

Hi, gang
This will be a bit long, so just skip it if you're not interested in
ordering one or more of these great mousepads featuring Bill Scholl's
stunning photo of S. flava at a controlled-burn site in GA. If you
haven't seen it yet, surf on over to the IPCS website or to Christoph
Belanger's website and check it out. You'll be glad you did. There's
also a downloadable order form on the ICPS website. Here's the links:
Even though we ordered only 250 of these beautiful full-color mousepads,
they cost the same or lower than the ones you see in your local stores
that were produced in the hundreds of thousands! And 10% of the purchase
price goes to the ICPS to help support its many worthwhile programs.
Now for the ****good news**** and to encourage all of you in the U.S.
who have not yet sent your order in - we misquoted the cost of Priority
Mail postage in our order form ($3.20, not $3.25), and we've discovered
that by using lighter-weight shipping materials (the post office's free
Priority Mail envelopes and boxes), we can send 1 to 8 mousepads for the
same low low $3.20 Priority Mail cost. The more you order, the cheaper
the per-mousepad cost! (Hint - these make great gifts for family,
friends and fellow CPers)
More ****good news**** and this time for those outside the U.S. - we've
opened a bank account with a local branch of a large bank specifically
because they can handle international checks for just a $2 service
charge. Basically, you write your check on your bank in your country's
funds based on the current foreign exchange rate that the bank has
provided to us. Send the check right away, and we deposit it in the
bank. The bank converts your check to American dollars, deducts a $2
service charge, and deposits the balance in the account.
So to calculate the cost of your order, you would multiply the number of
mousepads you want to buy X $5 each, add the appropriate postage cost,
add another $2 for the bank's service charge, convert that into your
currency, and write your check on your bank for that amount.
The bank can handle the following international checks: Australia,
Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Euro, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israeli, Italy, Japan,
Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Morway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia,
Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan.
Email us at cpimages@twlakes.net for the exchange rate for your country.
This is a great and welcome solution to get around the high cost of
International Money Orders.
Thank you, Jack Elder in the UK, for your efforts to get together a
group order from your country. That would certainly help with the
postage expense and bring these well within reach of every CP
enthusiast. Jack's email address is Jack.Elder@gtl.com for those
Phil Mann has generously ordered a batch of mousepads and is running an
ad to help out the Australian crowd and keep these affordable for
Thanks, all!
Carl and Sherry Taylor cpimages@twlakes.net

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