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Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 19:09:22 PDT

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Subject: Re: Homeworkers Needed !

Hi Doug:

Hey; it's good to hear from you!

>After 3 months at it, a tetnus shot and the company
>refusing to
> accept any of the earrings I sent in for approval, I began to
>catch on. Two years later, this fraudulent company was investigated
>and exposed on national television; a couple living in Los
>Angeles,CA. Astoundingly, they couldn't be held liable or prosecuted
>because of some loophole, so they're still in buiness today. Typical
>of the human race to always exploit the people who can least afford to

That exact same earring scam was run in Canada a few years ago. It made the
news. The good people running it just dissolved the company and (can you
believe it!?!) opened up under another name! It is incredible what some
people can get away with. Even more incredible (to me) is that they have
the brass to attempt it.

On a nicer note:

Chris Teichreb sent me some shots of your wading pool bogs ... Amazing and
beautiful plants! I know you are handy with your .22 Ratter Special, but
how do you keep the coons out? Those wind breaks don't seem that sturdy. If
I tried that setup (and I am _sorely_ tempted!) I would have every
verminoid in the neighbourhood at them.

My Helis and Dracs have _finally_ figured out where they are and are
growing accordingly! Unfortunately, they used up a lot of energy making the
switch to the Northern Hemisphere lifestyle (How many years has it been?)
and their tubers have shrunk somewhat, but now they have a full _normal_
season to fatten their scrawny asses. You do anything special in the way of
fertilizers or application regime? I have them in sheep/peat and extra

Still hugging whiskey barrels on cold nights? ;-)

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson <>
Maritime New Brunswick, Canada, Zone 5b and, finally, wet!

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