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From: Joseph Kinyon (corruscate@vivazapata.com)
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 18:04:28 PDT

Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 18:04:28 -0700
From: "Joseph Kinyon" <corruscate@vivazapata.com>
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Subject: CP's of Ireland

As with any adventure on the information super-highway, you get a lot of
information you weren't expecting--so serendipity is in my favor. However,
you sometimes get even more confused by the enormity of it. So, I need to
rephrase my question about Irish CP's with some more particulars. I would
like to know of carnivorous plant species native to Ireland. I know many
species have been introduced by humans in history and are clearly "not
native" for my purposes of the definition. With the successful
identification of native plants due to preservation of pollen in bog layers
and the years they could have appeared, plants which have no historical
introductions suddenly have an appearance date (occasionally coinciding with
human migrations). Can anyone shed a more focused light on my question? I
appreciate the helpful, informative postings and e-mail I have received so

Random question time:

I am a science illustrator working on a series of six images showing the
diversity of carnivorous plant genus in the United States. I would like to
see it turn into a postage stamp set. Picture USA 33 in the corner. Venus
Fly Trap, Bladderwort (inflata or gibba), Butterwort (vulgaris), Sarracenia
(purpurea), Darlingtonia, and Sundew (rotundafolia) are my choices for
stamps because they are the more common representative of each (some may
argue this point). How do people feel about this idea?

With the recent success of natural history exhibits in my area (Bats at
California Academy of Science, Frogs at the Exploratorium, Cave Dwellers at
the Oakland Museum, Beakmans World at the Discovery Museum), I think it
would be wonderful to have one on carnivorous plants which would coincide
with the ICPS (I believe) and their plans to meet in the bay area next
spring, year 2000. I would like to see this be a high caliber exhibit and
require the rental, purchase, or loan of plant specimens, as well as the
design and creation of exhibits interactively explaining what we understand
about these plants so far. It would require stepping down a notch to educate
people completely ignorant of carnivorous plants, a chance to educate people
ignorant of plants of any kind, a chance to share the wonders we take for
granted or the ones that make our socks go up and down. I am indebted to
the grand state I live in, so I would like to see a section particularly on
California plants and include the diversity present in the rest of the world
as another section. Of course, I would hope a conversation about the
problems poaching and habitat destruction play in the survival of wild
populations would be integrated into the display and content. Think big.
Microscopes, plants on view, docents, venus flytrap model big enough to walk
through (be captured in? i.e.. foam and hydraulics), time lapsed video at
each plant, and possibly the sale of plants to a newly educated population.
Does anybody find this vision itching in them, yearning to be free and real?

By the way, this listserve makes my socks go up and down, floats my boat,
porches my swing, butters my toast, and cream-cheeses my bagel. Thanks for
all the good stuff everyone contributes.

Joseph Kinyon
Marin Headlands

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