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Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 05:14:56 PDT

Date: 19 May 1999 13:14:56 +0100
From: Loyd Wix <>
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Subject: More on Utricularia

          Dear All,
          been very busy and unable to add a few comments on some
          recent postings until now.
          Brandon's request regarding easily flowered aquatic Utrics.
          Last year (oct or nov) I obtained a piece of U.inflata which
          I placed in a rectangular tank filled with water with a peat
          layer on the bottom and some sedges. Basically a similar
          set-up to that recommended for Aldrovandra. The Utric has
          grown at an incredible rate and is currently in flower with
          two more flower spikes to come. I am really pleased with
          this as this is one of the species that forms a floating
          platform for the flower stem with the floats arranged like
          the spokes of a cart wheel. I haven't tried growing this
          species in a terrarium - one drawback is the size of the
          plant. (Rich if you're reading this has your plant flowered
          yet?). I am keen to get hold of U.radiata if anyone in
          Europe has some to trade.
          Epiphytic U.reniformis - another potential explanation for
          the reports is that seedlings and juvenile plants of the
          Bromeliad dwelling U.nelumbifolia have reniform rather than
          umbrella shaped leaves.
          John your Utric seeds, U.uliginosa warm and wet 25deg C plus
          germination approx 4 to 5 months, U.multifida very wet,
          water level upto the compost somewhat cooler temps late
          teens deg C germination 4 to 6 weeks. U.monanthos I've
          germinated this species in a conventional propagator so
          doesn't need anything special. For D.arcturi drop the seeds
          into a clear plastic container with a lid on. Place in a
          reasonably bright location, and remove the seedlings as they
          germinate with a pipette and place onto compost.
          I currently have both U.reniformis and U.humboldtii in
          flower and have taken this opportunity to try to generate
          some hybrid seed. Has anyone out there had any luck in
          generating hybrid Utricularia?

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