Genlisea identification?

From: Mike (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 20:22:39 PDT

Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 21:22:39 -0600
From: Mike <>
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Subject: Genlisea identification?

Hello all-

I have a lovely Genlisea that I have been growinng for several months,
and it is just now coming into flower. When I recieved it it was simply
labeled 'G. spec. "Furnas" (or possibly Fumas?)'. Anyway, I thought that
I would take advantage of this in an attempt to get it IDd.

The plant itself forms a neat rosette 2" across of semi-erect spathulate
leaves. In fact, it very much resembles some Drosera (minus the
tectacles of course).

The flower scape is relatively short (3") and very thick compared to the
flowers of my G. hispidula. The scape is covered in a thick coat of
short (possibly glandular) hairs. The scape holds about half a dozen

The flowers are very small both in relation to the size of the plant and
to the size of flowers I have seen on other Genlisea species. The
"skirt" of the flower is divided into three long, slender lobes. The
overall color is almost white, with a VERY faint purple or bluish tinge.
The spur is short, straight, and green. There is also a small
rectangular green spot on the palate. In general form the flower reminds
me of Utricularia multifida.

If anyone could help me to ID this wonderful little plant I would be
greatly appreciative-

-Jonathan Mitchell

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