Re: Regarding the possibility of discovery of new carnivoro

Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 14:31:43 PDT

Date:          Tue, 18 May 1999 14:31:43 
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Subject:       Re: Regarding the possibility of discovery of new carnivoro

Dear Chris,

> What are the chances that we'll find a new undiscovered species
> of CP radically different from the others perhaps a new trap form?

Each year some new species of the "established" cp genera are
discovered and described. Most of them are not radically different
from known ones but among the plants described in the last 20 years
were as strange ones as _Drosera subtilis_, _Nepenthes
aristolochioides_, _Pinguicula utricularioides_, _Utricularia
choristotheca_, or _U. perversa_.

It was only twenty years ago that _Triphyophyllum_ was recognized as
carnivorous (although its similarity to _Drosophyllum_ was recognized

> Did that
> small VFT meantioned on the list earlier in vietnam turn out to be a hoax?

No significant new information has reached me yet.

> Also supposedly i heard theres a CP down in south america that possibly has
> glands beneath its leaves to catch insects if it is indeed carnivorous.

This is the _Saccifolium_ story made up by Victor Albert.
Recent observations (see Fernando's field trip report of the
Neblina expedition; Hi Fernando!) in situ indicate that _Saccifolium_
is not carnivorous.

With the appropriate reservation (further investigation required!),
_Passiflora foetida_ and relatives may be considered carnivorous (cf.
the December 1998 issue of CPN). This does not really represent a new
trap form (it has adhesive traps), but it is not closely related to
any other known cp.

Kind regards

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