Tool for combatting molds and fungus.

From: chris (drosera@CAM.ORG)
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 18:26:27 PDT

Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 21:26:27 -0400
From: "chris" <drosera@CAM.ORG>
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Subject: Tool for combatting molds and fungus.

In response to the questions on molds/fungus, I have just recently acquired
a Cephalotus, so I have little experience on that, but I've had my share of
the mold problem. I find one of the things that help is to spray the mold
with a stream of water from a squirt bottle. Occasionally this is enough,
but even when it isn't, it seems to slow the spread of the mold. I give a
very strong squirt on the mold where it occurs on the soil, and much gentler
all over the plant itself. I use tap water in my squirt bottle, thinking
that it may be better than the rain water I usually use (cleaner, harder,
etc.) I check often for the next few days, and if that wasn't sufficient,
then I do it again and apply a fungicide. Unlike what I hear from other
people, I tend to get molds/fungus when the soil gets drier instead of when
it is waterlogged. Also, with many of my plants, I use live peat moss,
either as the whole potting medium or as a layer on top of milled peat moss.
I have never had any molds or fungus when I use live moss. I highly
recommend doing this if you do not have many plants, as the chore of cutting
the moss would not be so great for you.

My question of the day: Where could I get a copy of "CPS of the West Volume
II" Publisher name?

Chris F.

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