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Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 11:20:07 PDT

Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 12:20:07 -0600
From: Chris Frazier <>
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Subject: Re: ICPS

CP folks,
        I sympathize with the problem of outstanding checks and all; that
can be a real frustration and justifications don't make the problem go
away. But I hope I can speak for a lot of us (most, all?) who have seen
that the ICPS volunteer officers have and are doing a great job. Not just
a good job, a great job. I have some idea of what it takes just to keep a
listserve going and Rick has done this and more for more years than I can
imagine. Barry's work on getting ICPS on the web and keeping it up in
itself is a substantial service, but it is only a small part of what he has
been doing. Jan's work is the same; I hope no one think's getting this
organization certified as an official registery of cultivars is a simple
process and, again, that's just one of the many things he's done lately.
And the International conferences in the last couple years. Those didn't
organize themselves.
        I liked that the membership thing got brought up because we all can
appreciate the frustration of unprocessed checks and unanswered mail, but
we can also use a reminder of the amount of work that *is* getting done and
the fact that real people are doing it in their spare time (that spare
thing is a joke, by the way). I don't know all the names involved, but I
must say I am impressed. And appreciative.


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