Re: Propogating venus flytraps from flower spikes

From: A.J. Paton (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 17:21:08 PDT

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 01:21:08 +0100
From: "A.J. Paton" <>
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Subject: Re: Propogating venus flytraps from flower spikes

Zachary wrote:


I was catching up on a few CP digests and I saw your posting about
propogating venus flytraps by planting cut off flower spikes. I've
often wondered if this was possible--tried it once myself without
luck. How do you remove the flower spike and how far above the
rhizome do you make the cut???


Hello Zachary.

You must have a lot of spare time to be catching up with that many digests

Unfortunately, the way I went about propogating VFT flower spikes was
completely unscientific! The spikes were removed using a fingernail when
they were large enough to do so (approx. 2 - 4 inches). They would have been
removed about 1 inch above the rhizome (although not for any particular
reason - is this likely to have an effect on any resulting propogation

My results were not particularly brilliant, but I did get 2 or 3 new plants
from the dozen or so spikes that I planted. I've just planted a couple more
flower spikes, (before I saw this digest, unfortunately, so I still used my
hit-and-miss method).

Perhaps others on the list could experiment with this to see if a more
reliable method can be found (cutting nearer the rhizome, perhaps??).


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