Anybody knows Thomas Blaisdell

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Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 14:49:02 PDT

Date: 13 May 1999 18:49:02 -0300
From: "MArcos Alexandre Lucena da Costa" <>
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Subject: Anybody knows Thomas Blaisdell

Hello! My name is Marcos Alexandre Lucena da Costa. I\264m a
brasilian guy 21 years old. I first get contact with CPs in 1992,
thanks to Fernando Rivad\341via, from S\343o Paulo. He sent me many
plants and tips on how to grow them. But some years ago I had to
move to another state, and all of my plants died during this period.
Well, I\264m trying now to reconstruct my collection and to restart
my studies in this amazing area. So. I\264m sending this message
waiting to know persons like Fernando Rivad\341via and other
friends, a person who could help me, sending me seeds, or plnats (if
possible). Unfortunately I don\264t have plnats to trade. If you
want help me, you must know this. But write to me, and be my
friend, still if you can\264t help me with the plants. I wait for
news from you. My e-mail is: and my home
address is: Marcos Alexandre Lucena da Costa R. Diogenes
Fraz\343o, 69 Conj. Novo Crato CEP 63100-000 Crato - CE - Brasil.

Thanks for all... Marcos Alexandre

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